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About Us

High-quality information on smoking cannabis

I am Henry Sullivan, born in 1988 and an avid cannabis user. I have been using cannabis since I was 18 years old. Furthermore, I have worked in various coffee shops in the USA, Canada and Europe (Amsterdam). I completed my studies at the University of Denver, where I majored in Environmental Health and Safety. Since completing my studies I have lived in various locations, currently I live in New-York.

11Henry Sullivan from Smoke Around


The goal of Smoke Around is to provide users worldwide with the right, high-quality information about smoking cannabis. Here the focus is on cannabis accessories (such as bongs) and additional information.


My mission is to make Smoke Around the most visited platform in the world, so I know that my goal is completed: to reach as many people as possible with valuable information.


Smoking cannabis is being legalized in more and more places worldwide. This means that more and more people will consume cannabis, legally. Smoking cannabis can be done in dozens of ways, but it is not always clear how and what. These questions are answered on Smoke Around.

Global facts about cannabis use.

Cannabis is being legalized in more and more places and is widely used around the world, for good reason: it is very popular and relatively harmless. Below are facts about the use of cannabis.

Million worldwide cannabis users
Billion dollars p.y. spent on cannabis
US states where cannabis has been legalized
Million US cannabis users