Benefits of smoking from a bong

A bong is an alternative to a regular joint. Namely, it is a kind of bong that you use for smoking weed or hashish. You smoke through a mouthpiece and that, of course, is a big difference from just smoking a joint. The smoking experience is very different as is the experience and that offers advantages in several ways. If you know what the advantages are then you also know why using a bong is an excellent choice.

Why use a bong?

You are probably familiar with smoking joints and now want to try something different. Have you ever heard of dabbing? That’s exactly why you use a bong, because it’s a modern way of smoking cannabis. The effect of inhaling hash or weed with a bong is unlike that of a heave from a joint. Just for the experience alone, dabbing is recommended. Then you’ll probably think you should have done it a long time ago.

The advantages of a bong

One of the advantages of a bong is that you need comparatively less cannabis. This is a pure form of smoking, so you don’t need tobacco either. Using a bong is therefore also much more economical. The biggest advantage for dabbers is that the effect is many times greater from the small amount of cannabis you smoke.

Instant high

The bong is popular because of the advantage of an instant high. If you normally make a joint, the smoking itself takes longer as does the time, in which you notice the effect. You get an instant high with dabbing because you inhale a lot of cannabis smoke in one go. A single puff is often enough to get stoned right away.

Filtered through water

One of the other advantages of a bong is that it filters cannabis, leaving some of the harmful substances in the water. In fact, the water functions as a filter.

Extra high effect

The effect of an instant high is extra large if you use a bong with a carb hole. This way the air can be sucked out of a bong much more effectively. The moment you light the contents in the bowl and place a finger over the hole, no more air enters from outside. Then, when a thick layer of smoke forms, you remove the finger from the hole to let the outside air in. The pipe then empties and at that point the smoke enters your airways even fuller. If you want to achieve the very strongest effect like a pro dabber, it is even possible to use a gas mask bong.

Durable in use

You smoke a joint and throw the rest away, but of course you use a bong more than once. That’s what bongs are designed for. If you clean the bong after use, you can expect it to last a long time. Bongs are available in different materials, such as the popular glass bong, but the silicone bong is also on the rise. It is also possible to buy a ceramic bong. When choosing glass, however, it is important to handle it with care. Glass versions are ideal for home use. If you want more freedom and dabbing with your friends anywhere, it is advisable to buy a silicone one. These are virtually unbreakable and lightweight so easy to carry.

Decorative element

Bongs look great in design and look great in your home when you are not using them. When it comes to the decorative element, glass bongs are the most popular, but ceramic certainly comes close. Moreover, silicone bongs have the advantage of being available in a variety of cheerful colors.

Just a little healthier

Leading up to the fact that smoking cannot really be labeled as healthy, variations in degree of unhealthiness are known. The advantage of smoking weed or hash through a bong is that the water filters out some of the harmful substances. In addition, the smoke is cooler because the water also provides a cooling function. Thus, the smoke can even be made extra cool if you smoke cannabis through an ice bong.

Many types of bongs

There are quite a few advantages of a bong. For example, there is also the advantage that there are all kinds to choose from. Think not only of small and large varieties, but also of special designs, such as percolator bongs just like diffusers and pre-coolers.

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