What is a bong from borosilicate glass?

When looking for a bong, you will come across many made from borosilicate glass. Bongs made from borosilicate glass are broadly used and have become very popular. But what is borosilicate glass? And why are bongs often made of borosilicate glass? In this article, you will read all about borosilicate glass and the advantages of this type of glass for bongs.

The advantages of borosilicate glass

Borosilicate glass is used for most bongs for a reason. The biggest advantages of borosilicate glass are:

  1. Borosilicate glass is a very hard type of glass. Because of the hardness, the glass does not break easily. A bong made from this type of glass generally lasts for years.
  2. Borosilicate glass can withstand high temperatures and rapid changes in temperature (thermal shocks). This makes it a perfect type of glass for bongs because the water in your bong gets very hot. The glass will, despite the high temperatures, not break. Even when you clean your bong with hot water, your bong will remain intact.
  3. Bongs made of borosilicate glass do not easily get corrosion, so your bong remains beautiful and clear. This often makes your bong look as good as new after years of use, provided of course that you clean your bong properly after use.
  4. A borosilicate glass bong is easy to clean and has a very smooth surface. This reduces the chance of the glass being damaged or crumbling.  

What is borosilicate glass?

Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that is made from silicon dioxide and boron trioxide, this is brought together and the substance borosilicate is formed. Due to the properties of these materials, borosilicate glass can withstand temperatures of 165 °C (297 °F).

Different types of glass bongs

Not every bong is made of borosilicate glass. Although borosilicate glass has many advantages, it also has one disadvantage: it is more expensive than other types of glass. If you are looking for a cheap glass bong, it will probably be made from a different kind of glass: soft glass. Soft glass bongs are made of soda lime glass.

Frequent questions about borosilicate glass

Is borosilicate glass safe to smoke from?

Bongs made from borosilicate glass are the safest types of bongs for sale. So smoking from a glass bong made from borosilicate is safe.

What is the difference between soft glass and borosilicate glass bongs?

Bongs made of soft glass are made of soda lime glass. This type of glass is also used for glass bottles, older windows and other glass containers of food and drink. Soda lime glass is a lot cheaper than borosilicate glass, but it does break faster and is less resistant to high temperatures. 

Is borosilicate glass unbreakable?

Although borosilicate glass is much less likely to break, the glass is not completely unbreakable. So don’t drop your bong just like that. Under high temperatures, borosilicate glass can still break when you drop your bong.

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