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A gas mask bong is not immediately a bong you start with when you first start dabbing. It is mainly an instrument you use if you are a real bong fanatic and want to take the smoking experience to the ultimate level. So, are you starting out with a bong for the first time? Then...
Bong water is meant to cool smoke and filter constituents, so you inhale less tar and other harmful substances. The water in the bong is not intended for drinking. The purpose of a bong is to inhale the smoke of hash or marijuana through the water-filled chambers.  The of a bong causes constituents to remain...
The cost of a bong varies, due to varying quality differences, designs and functionalities. Overall, a bong is a very affordable way to smoke weed, getting stoned quickly.  Are you using a bong for the first time? Then a cheap bong of about 10 dollars is already a good option for you. In case you...
Are you going to use a bong for the first time? Every new user asks, “How much water should I put in a bong?” Then often comes the question of how to fill a bong with water. These are common questions because it’s not stated everywhere how much water you should put in a bong....
A bong is a tool in the form of a water pipe for smoking cannabis. Think of weed or hash. If you are going to smoke weed with a bong for the first time, it is of course important to know how a bong is used. It is also useful to know that there are...
How long weed will keep varies from situation to situation. The shelf life of marijuana depends very much on how it is stored. When weed is stored in full sunlight or when it is very damp, its shelf life is quickly reduced.  The use of pesticides also determines how long your weed will keep. Have...

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