How much do bongs cost?

How much do bongs cost varies, due to varying quality differences, designs and functionalities. Overall, a bong is a very affordable way to smoke weed, getting stoned quickly. 

Are you using a bong for the first time? Then a cheap bong of about 10 dollars is already a good option for you. In case you are using a bong for the first time, you only need to inhale once or twice to get stoned quickly. This is because a lot of smoke enters the pipe, so the effect is quickly noticeable. 

How much is a cheap bong?

The cost of a bong in the lowest price range does not exceed 10 dollars. There are also extra cheap ones available, such as in the form of a mini bong, where the price is just over 5 dollars. The price range above that is between 10 dollars and 30 dollars. There are also more expensive bongs for sale. If you are a real aficionado and your budget is no problem, it is possible to buy a unique bong of 600 dollars or more.

Prices of the different types of bongs

The price of a bong depends on several factors. In the first place because of the type of bong and in the second place of the material. There are several types of bongs that are made of different materials. 

Price of a glass bong

A glass bong is the most popular bong. This is because glass has the least impact on the taste of smoke compared to many other materials. Moreover, a glass bong is a true work of art to look at when you are not using it. There is a decorative element to it. Within the glass bongs you have bongs made of cheaper glass, which cost around 20 dollars, and bongs made of borosilicate glass which can be bought from around 40 dollars. 

Price of a silicone bong

A silicone bong is also on the rise because of its heat resistance and because it is lightweight. Moreover, silicone is less fragile material compared to breakable glass. A silicone bong is easy to carry around, and it has a long lifespan because it is a durable and strong material. Silicone bongs are also cheap, you can order a silicone bong for only 15 dollars.

Price of an acrylic bong

An acrylic bong is just like a silicone bong, lightweight and can take a beating. An acrylic bong is easy to take with you and has another advantage. That is that this bong is easy to clean. Furthermore, you have a wide choice of colors from green to pink and from yellow to green. You can order an acrylic bong from 10 dollars.

Price of a ceramic bong

A ceramic bong or earthenware bong is stylish and available in beautiful colors. The material is sturdy and a small bump is easily tolerated by a ceramic bong. Besides the choice of various colors, there is also a difference in designs. Furthermore, the downpipe is often made of metal and sealed with a rubber ring. A ceramic bong is generally slightly more expensive, with prices starting at 30 dollars.

Prices of special bongs

In addition to the materials affecting the cost of a bong, the same is true for the type of design. There are special ice bongs available with a starting price of 30 dollars. These ice bongs are filled with ice cubes to cool down the smoke. The smoke feels softer in your throat, so you will have less coughing fits. 

Another version of a special bong is a percolator bong that features small glass tubes. This bong also softens the smoke. An extra advantage is that you can inhale more smoke and that gives a better effect. The best-rated percolator bong can be purchased for as little as $60.

Which bong should I choose?

When it comes to the cost of a bong, and you want to avoid spending too much money on it, the cheapest bong is a good option. Does the cost not matter much? Then you can choose from all kinds of bongs. In that case, it is important to consider the material and base your choice on that. 

A bong you use in one place

If you are using the bong in one location, such as at home, then a glass bong is an excellent choice. A glass bong has the advantage of being easy to clean and long-lasting, but they are breakable. 

A bong you take with you

Do you want to use a bong in all kinds of places? Then a silicone bong or an acrylic bong is the best choice. These are virtually unbreakable and also easy to carry around since they are lightweight. Keep in mind that acrylic does affect the taste of smoke. This is also true for silicone, but to a lesser extent. 

A bong as a showpiece

If you like your bong to have a nice design then glass is a great choice, but so is a ceramic bong. These are available in all kinds of shapes and forms, such as a richly colored bong, a bong shaped like a pineapple, and a gas mask bong.

Smoking a bong for the first time

If you are going to smoke hash or weed with a bong for the first time, then it is advisable to choose an entry-level model. This means that it is best to buy a cheap bong. Based on how you use the bong, you should choose the right material.

If you are an experienced bong smoker, it is nice to spend some good money for a change. If you do not have to consider the cost of a bong, you can buy the one you like best. You can also consider additional features.


You can order a standard bong for as little as 20 dollars. Do you want to buy a good bong? Then the bong costs on average 80 dollars. When you want to buy a unique bong or a bong with specific characteristics, it costs on average 150 dollars. Do you want to buy a custom bong? Keep in mind that prices are around 600 dollars.

Extend the life of your bong

For longevity and optimal function, do keep in mind that you should clean the bong regularly. Not only on the inside, but also on the outside. There are several cleaning tools available to clean a bong. Think of a pipe tool, a pipe cleaner and a bong cleaner. Also, a screen under the bowl is touchable. This ensures that no dirt gets into the bong. If you clean the bong regularly, you extend its life and enjoy your bong even longer. Besides the fact that it’s important to clean the interior and exterior of the bong, don’t forget to change the bong water often!

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