How much water do you put in a bong?

Are you going to use a bong for the first time? Every new user asks, “How much water should I put in a bong?” Then often comes the question of how to fill a bong with water. These are common questions because it’s not stated everywhere how much water you should put in a bong. In this article, you will read how much water you should put in a bong and how to fill your bong.

What is the perfect amount of water in a bong?

You fill the bong with water until the protruding pipe on the inside is two to three inches underwater. If you put too much water in the bong, you run the risk of it splashing up. In the worst case it will end up in your mouth and you don’t want that, bong water tastes terrible. There is also a chance that the hash, weed or other smokables will get wet. This makes it impossible to smoke it. 

Ice cubes in an ice bong

If you use an ice bong, you put ice in the form of ice cubes in the reservoir. This will make the smoke extra cool and feel softer in your throat. 

The amount of water in a percolator bong

With a percolator bong, it is also important to add the perfect amount of water. You also fill this bong from the top to first fill the bottom chamber. The trick to filling a percolator bong is to fill it slowly. If you go too fast, you will not get the bong more than half full.

How do you fill a bong with water?

It is easy to fill a bong with water. If the bong is not too large, hold it under the tap. Another easy way is to use a measuring cup with a spout or a carafe with water.

You pour the water into the tube where you place your mouth to inhale the smoke. With a glass bong, you can immediately see how much water is already in it and stop when the shaft is about two to three inches underwater. Did you accidentally shoot out? Make sure you get the excess water out, for example by holding the bong upside down. If there is still too little water in the bong, you can fill it up with water.

Why is the amount of water in a bong important?

The right amount of water in a bong is important for several reasons. The water has two functions and with more or less water than the perfect amount, your bong will not provide the perfect effect. 

Cooling of the smoke

First, water in the bong ensures that the smoke does not enter your mouth and throat too hot. In this respect, the water has a cooling effect on smoke. 

Filtration of contaminants

Secondly, water works as a sort of filter, so that you inhale smoke without contaminants such as tar. It is not for nothing that you should change the water regularly when using a bong. An even better way of filtering pollutants is to use a good percolator bong.

Why change water in bong?

When you use a bong, the water filters the smoke, leaving constituents in the bong. The taste of the smoke is perfect with fresh water. With polluted water, you will notice that the taste of the smoke will change. Therefore, it is advisable to change the water regularly. 

Another reason to change water is to ensure proper filtration of constituents. Logically, clean water filters out contaminating constituents; with water that is polluted, the water does not serve as an optimal filter. You will get better filtration in your bong if you change water regularly. 

Finally, your bong will last longer if you take good care of it. If contaminated water is left behind, you will eventually suffer from deposits in your bong. It is advisable to clean the bong after use. 

How often to change water?

There are a few tips for determining when to change water in a bong or when to properly clean your bong. When you smell an unsavory odor, it is time to change the water in your bong. Also, the water should be changed when it turns a brownish color.

If you do not change the water, the glass of your bong will turn brown over time. A borosilicate glass bong will stay beautiful and usable longer if it is cleaned properly. If you leave water in the bong, there is a chance that mold will develop, and it is crucial to prevent this. Do you have mold in your bong? In that case, make sure you thoroughly clean and sterilize your bong. It is possible for dirty water in a bong to make you sick, so it is important to avoid dirty water.

Cleaning the bong with water

Water is not only used to smoke hash or weed in a bong, but also to clean the bong. It is advisable to make some warm water and use it to clean the bong and its parts. You don’t have to start scrubbing like crazy, but first soak the parts in soapy water for fifteen minutes. Then gently brush or polish the parts and rinse them with warm water. Let the parts dry before reassembling the bong. Is the bong assembled? Then fill it with the perfect amount of water and put your hash or weed in the bowl. Now, you are ready for the smoking session.

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