How often should you change bong water?

How often you should change your bong water is important to know. You put a bong to use by filling it with water and putting cannabis in the bowl. When you then light the contents and inhale the smoke, the water has a filtering function. That means there are constituents left behind in the water that cause contamination. So the good news is that this contamination does not get into your respiratory tract, but it is important to change the dirty bong water on time. Why you should change your bong water and how often you will discover in a moment. 


“Chances of developing bacteria and mold are high if you leave bong water for a long time.”

Henry Sullivan

How often should you change bong water? As often as necessary

The answer to the question “How often should you change your bong water?” is as often as necessary. If you only take one hit a day then it is recommended to change the water before the next hit. Even better is to throw the water out already after use and clean the bong. Then you will always have fresh water for the next hit. If you take more than one hit a day, check the water level. In that case it is also possible to change the water after the second hit. However, if you leave the water in the bong too long after a first hit, it is tastier to refresh it before the next hit.

Why change the bong water?

Have you ever seen what the water in a bong looks like after use? The water gets dirty because of the filtered ingredients, such as tar. Now that’s not the only reason to change the water. In fact, you also do that because the taste of smoke in a clean bong with fresh water is much better. In addition, there is the advantage that clean water provides a better cooling effect, which is exactly what the water in a bong is for. The hit you get is more pleasant when the smoke is cool. Also, clean water naturally has a better filtration system than water that is like soiled. 

The water will stink if you leave it for a long time

If you leave water in a bong for a long time, you will notice a foul smell. It will simply start to smell. Furthermore, there is always a chance that you will knock over a bong. Then it is still better to have clean water in it than to have left it standing for days. It is also better for the eye if you take out the contaminated water to give the bong a decorative element. You probably throw out the ashtray when you smoke cigarettes anyway.

Bacteria and fungi

The chances of developing bacteria and mold are high if you leave bong water for a long time. Therefore, just get used to cleaning the bong yourself after use ground. This also adds to the quality of dabbing. Dabbing with used bong water won’t make you sick right away, but it’s not really healthy if there are bacteria and mold in the water, either. 

Tips and tricks for a clean bong

A clean bong improves the smoking experience, which is why keeping a bong clean and clean is so important. Now there are some simple tips and tricks that will keep your bong clean longer. For example, it is possible to add a few drops of tar blocker to the water. This way you prevent the tar from adhering to the inside of the bong. In this case, you only need to rinse the bong after use, with the tar disappearing with the water down the drain. This option, among others, is ideal with the more difficult to clean specimens, such as certain percolator bongs. 

Carbon filter as an additional smoke filter

It is also possible to use another option if you do not feel like changing the water from your bong immediately. A carbon filter then functions as an extra smoke filter, so to speak. When using activated carbon, the filtering of smoke already takes place before it enters the bong. As a result, less tar ends up in the water and therefore less tar sticks to the inside. This way, the water in the bong stays clean longer and you don’t have to change it as often. By the way, there is another alternative to this in the form of using a pre-cooler.

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