How to use a gas mask bong?

A gas mask bong is not immediately a bong you start with when you first start dabbing. It is mainly an instrument you use if you are a real bong fanatic and want to take the smoking experience to the ultimate level. So, are you starting out with a bong for the first time? Then you do not need a gas mask bong, using a normal bong is recommended. 

Are you among the real fanatics who want to experience an extreme shot, then you must take this information to you. For example, by getting answers to the question “How do you use a gas mask bong?” and by finding out exactly what it is.

What is a gas mask bong?

A gas mask bong is a gas mask specially designed for smoking cannabis with a bong and experiencing an extreme hit. A gas mask bong is available as a complete set, so you do not need to have a separate bong. The comparison with an authentic gas mask is present because both look the same. 

The difference with a normal bong

The difference is that a gas mask bong is equipped with bong, while a real gas mask has room for an oxygen tank. There are generally no differences in sizes because there is a universal design. This is because the mask has adjustable straps that can be adjusted to the size of your head. 

Steps for using a gas mask bong

Using a gas mask bong is not difficult. The only difference is that you smoke weed or hash with a mask on. To use the bong, follow the steps below:

  1. Fill the bong with water and connect it to the mask. 
  2. Add your desired smoking materials to the bowl.
  3. Loosen the straps or bands of the mask and then place it over your face.
  4. Make sure the mouthpiece is in the right place around your mouth.
  5. Tighten the straps until the gas mask bong is comfortable.
  6. Place the bowl in the bong, light the contents and inhale.

Why using a gas mask bong?

A gas mask bong is used to get a lot of smoke, making the hit more extreme. The sealed gas mask ensures that more smoke is released than when you inhale with your mouth over the mouthpiece of a bong. In addition, you don’t have to place your mouth over a mouthpiece. The smoke also enters your airways directly because the mask is an airtight construction. 

Extreem shot

Just prepare yourself for an extreme shot because the full smoke enters the gas mask. You know the gas mask bong is functioning properly the moment you exhale freely without air entering the bong. Inhale until the bong is empty and experience the ultimate hit. When you are satisfied, undo the straps and remove the mask from your face. Sometimes it is more convenient to first loosen the bong and then take off the mask. You have to find out for yourself what is most comfortable for you.

Personal hot box

In addition, with a regular bong, you breathe air back out of the in space and this is not the case when using a gas mask bong. The mask functions as your personal hot box. The term hotboxing may sound familiar to you from smoking weed or hash in a closed space. Think of a coffee shop, but also a small space like a bathroom where the smoke lingers well. In small enclosed spaces there is no ventilation and this is comparable to using a gas mask bong.

The best gas mask bongs

The Beach Bum Gas Mask Bong

This The Beach Bum Gas Mask Bong with Acrylic Tube is rated 4.9 / 5 based on 16 reviews. Based on all available gas mask bongs, this is the highest rated gas mask bong. This bong has a height of 9.8 inches (25 centimeters) and comes with a metal downstem and a metal bong bowl. You can order the bong for only $32.19.

The Beach Bum Gas Mask Bong

Badass Glass Gas Mask Bong

This gas mask bong from Badass Glass is rated 4.8 / 5 based on 29 reviews. The bong has a height of 12 inches (30.5 centimeters), is made of acrylic and available in 7 different colors. You can order the bong for only $42.25.

Badass Glass Yellow Gas Mask Bong

Toker Supply Gas Mask Bong

The gas mask bong from Toker Supply is rated 4.6 / 5 based on 82 reviews. The bong comes in different colors and is made of acrylic. In addition, the downstem is fully adjustable. You can order the bong for only $31.99.

Toker Supply Gas Mask Bong

Gas mask bong for a unique experience

There is another reason why using a gas mask bong is popular. It is a entirely different experience than smoking with a normal bong. If you are often dabbing with your friends and are ready for a new experience, then an extreme shot in your own hot box is a fantastic experience. 

Disadvantages of a gas mask bong

Using a gas mask bong doesn’t just have its advantages. You are sitting with your face in a cloud of smoke in your own hot box. That means your eyes may become dry or irritated. Furthermore, users do not always experience an extreme shot. A gas mask bong is often used because of its shape and unique experience.

Trying out newness

As such, it can be seen as a novelty addition to the overall experience of smoking weed or hash. Most users of a gas mask bong smoke a bong a few times, only a small group of users smokes regularly through the gas mask bong. You must always make your choice in the way of smoking weed or hash. Then you can be sure that it is a great experience.

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