The pros and cons of a percolator bong

Numerous types of bongs are available today, from small to large. One of the most commonly used bongs is the percolator bong. A percolator bong contains one or more chambers with tubes that produce small bubbles. The smoke passes through the tubes and this produces small bubbles. This cools the smoke, giving you a finer hit. There are perc bongs available with one or more chambers, for example the LA Pipes Straight Ice Bong with Triple Showerhead Percolator has no less than 3 percolators. Each bong has a different number of tubes in a chamber. 

The pros of percolator bongs

A percolator bong is a great bong and the favorite of many stoners for good reason. The pros of a percolator bong are:

  • A hit from the percolator bong is less likely to be felt in your throat. This makes the percolator bong a perfect type of bong for beginners.
  • Because the smoke from a percolator bong is cooled, it is possible to smoke faster and inhale more smoke. This gives you a faster high, and it is also possible to get stoned with a smaller amount of weed. 
  • A percolator bong filters tar and other impurities from the smoke. This makes it a better way to smoke compared to a normal bong without a percolator (note that smoking from a percolator bong is not completely healthy either). Do you suffer from an immunodeficiency disorder? Then a percolator is a better option for you than a normal bong without perc. 
  • Most percolator bongs are large and therefore stand out. Do you want to use your bong as a showpiece? Then the percolator bong is a perfect option for this. A very colorful and striking bong is the Famous Brandz Aquarius Bubble Base Ice Bong, this ice bong contains a UFO percolator.

The cons of percolator bongs

There are not only advantages to using a percolator bong. The disadvantages of a percolator bong are:

  • Due to the diffusion of the smoke, a hit will result in less flavor. Are you very attached to the taste while smoking a bong? Then a traditional bong is a better choice for you.
  • Some percolator bongs create more resistance while smoking, which can sometimes make smoking more unpleasant. If you have lung problems or if you do not have enough strength in your lungs, it is recommended to buy a perc bong with only one percolator. 
  • Most bongs with a percolator are large. This makes it awkward to carry them around. So, a percolator bong is not the best bong if you often take your bong to friends. There are a number of variations on the percolator bong available, such as a dab rig with a percolator.
  • Keep in mind that a percolator bong requires more cleaning. Because a percolator contains tubes with small holes, it is important to clean your perc bong regularly, otherwise it will bring an unpleasant smoking experience. 

Not sure if a percolator bong is for you? Then you could also choose a bong with an ash catcher. The advantage of a bong with an ash catcher is that the pipe of your bong stays clean, so you have less work to clean your bong.

Types of percolator bongs

Every percolator bong basically works the same way and has the same goal: better filtration of the smoke. This improves the smoking experience. There are several types of percolator bong for sale. The most common percolator bongs are:

  • Tree percolator bongs.
  • Inline percolator bongs.
  • Showerhead percolator bongs.
  • Honeycomb percolator bongs.
  • Turbine percolator bongs.
  • Fritted disc percolator bongs.
  • Swiss percolator bongs.
  • Percolator bongs with a diffused downstem.

Basically, for the smoking experience, it doesn’t matter much what type of percolator you use, although preference varies from person to person. Many stoners prefer a honeycomb percolator or a showerhead percolator. 

Tips for buying a percolator bong

Are you looking for a percolator bong? If so, think carefully about the following:

  • How strong are your lungs? If your lungs are not too powerful, it is recommended to buy a percolator bong with one perc.
  • Do you want to take your percolator bong with you or not? If you want to take it with you, your bong should not be too big.
  • Do you want to clean your perc bong more easily? Then the herb bowl and downstem should be removable.
  • Are you afraid of dropping your bong? Choose a bong made of borosilicate glass.

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best percolator bongs.

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