What happens if you drink bong water?

Bong water is meant to cool smoke and filter constituents, so you inhale less tar and other harmful substances. The water in the bong is not intended for drinking. The purpose of a bong is to inhale the smoke of hash or marijuana through the water-filled chambers. 

The of a bong causes constituents to remain in the water, leading to a brown color of the water. So, what happens if you drink bong water? You’ll probably throw up big time within seconds because it tastes like swallowing the contents of an ashtray. So drinking bong water is not recommended.

Can you drink bong water?

Whether you can drink bong water comes from the thought that it might get you stoned. There is no other reason for this question to come up. You can’t drink bong water, it’s downright disgusting. Just look at the water when you have smoked hash or weed with a bong

It’s about the same if you fill an ashtray with cigarette butts with water and then strain it for a moment to pour a delicious glass full of it. You don’t do that either, right? Exactly, so you don’t drink bong water that is contaminated with tar. The water from your bong must be flushed down the drain after use, so don’t give it to your plants.

What happens when you drink bong water?

When you drink the bong water, you’ll most likely vomit right away. In case you don’t, you will experience stomach, belly or intestines problems after a while. 

Should you think you will get stoned from it, you will be disappointed; you will not get stoned. Even if your best friends swear you will get an absolute high kick from it, that is not the case. 

Is there THC in bong water?

Have you heard that there is THC in bong water? Unfortunately, this is not the case, as THC belongs to cannabinoids that do not dissolve in water by themselves. Thus, THC does not remain in bong water in large quantity when you smoke cannabis. Only minute and negligible amounts of THC remain in bong water. Moreover, it is known that when bong water is exposed to light, it already affects the lowering of THC content. The fact that THC can be used with liquid differently is because of the combination with fats. For example, it is possible to make cannabis butter or oil and add it to a drink. That way, you do get high.

Does bong water get you high?

No, bong water does not get you high. That’s because THC doesn’t dissolve in water when the smoke you inhale passes through it. After inhaling, bong water consists of nothing more than ash, tar, and perhaps minute particles of cannabis that are too small to convert the THCA present to THC. The extremely minimal amount of THC left in the water is never enough to get you high. 

Henry Sullivan from Smoke Around
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